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Hi There, My Name is +I GD ADI SURYA EKA P PUTRA , and I'm the content writer on this blog, some content such as : images, video, quotes, is free content that I get from google, bing, and other search engine.

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Who Is G Dhe Einstein?

As I said above my real name is I GD ADI SURYA EKA P PUTRA, so why I use G Dhe Einstein? that simple because the story of my name it come from the accident ehen I create my facebook account. When I try to change my name to my real name I could'n, because facebook was limiting change name , so I just able to change to my previous name that I use when first time I use facebook, and that name I don't want other people now :D. So,  decide to keep using Einstein behind of my nick name. Why Einstein ? I Don't know the exact reason. but it nice to hear combinationa between G Dhe and Einstein so it come to be G Dhe Einstein. hehehe

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